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Prochaine date

21.03.24 Voix de Fête, Alhambra, Genève

Chloé + Dionysos


Bigarade Spritz Song

“To be scratched by insomnia, to dance at sunrise, to half-open your eyes on Vidy beach and to throw yourself into the lake. Stroll on a flamingo buoy, meet at Rosengarten and sip a colorful spritzr bigarade.”

Chloé, composer and performer, exposes these eclectic atmospheres in her first EP “Insomnie". Throughout her songs, she merges different musical aesthetics. We find English synths, nostalgic dances, decadence, pop, electro and pink and blue French chanson.

Chloé has just released a new single entitled “La vie bernoise” with a view to a second EP which will be released in September 2023. 


Capture d’écran 2022-12-04 à 18_edited_e


FCMA+ 2021 Laureate

2021-22 Proxima Swiss Pole, Les Docks,



Chanson, pop, electro, bigarade spritz


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