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Pop concert for sound installations”

Trial & Error Dampfzentrale 3.12.2022

First trial “work in progress” miniatures and extract of 20 minutes as part of the residency “Trial & Error” at the Dampfzentrale Bern. 

Concept, composition, sound creations and installation creations: Chloé / Chloé Bieri

Realization Team: 

Andrea Zamengo: Technical sound editing of installations, camera and recording

Baptiste Bieri: Technical assembly, transport and management

Roger Ziegler: Outside view

Elia Huber: Sound technology Dampfzentrale

Julius Haase: Light technique Dampfzentrale

Dampzentrale:  Residence

Stanislas Pili: Technical support and advice


The project :

In this project Chloé mixes her two musical sides for the first time: her contemporary side under the name of Chloé Bieri with sound installations and her pop side under the name of Chloé with the songs. 

The idea is to blur the boundaries between genres and aesthetics while remaining mostly in a concert of songs. 

Experimental sound installations are created as a counterpoint to the new pop concert “Insomnie” by singer-songwriter and performer Chloé, 
The sound installations are stagings of the songs from his new EP “Insomnie” using different media that animate objects related to the songs. The songs in the installations are modified and used as experimental sound textures in order to offer another point of view of the songs to the public. This sound experience is also immersive thanks to a mixture of drones, smoke machines, video projection bringing and accompanying the installations and the pop concert is given in quadraphony.

The public can move freely in the space and listen to the concert from different angles and different points of view and sound.

Here, a first miniature solo version of the project was given as part of the “Trail&Error” residency at the Dampfzentrale. 

This is the first excerpt from a work that will be developed over a year with outside perspectives coming as much from pop as from contemporary music. 

Artistic residencies are being organized in order to create a constant installation and a concert with three musicians. 

We thank the foundation

Gesellschaft zu Ober-Gerwern for his support

Discover Chloé's contemporary profile:

Avec le soutien de Gesellschaft zu Ober-Gerwern
Capture d’écran 2022-12-04 à 21.05.47.png
Capture d’écran 2022-12-04 à 19.53.17.png
Capture d’écran 2022-12-04 à 21.10.50.png

Excerpt from the sound installation, filmed live, credit Mireia Pellisa Martin 

sound installations

Each installation represents a song from Chloé's debut EP. The sounds of the sound installations were built solely from samples of the songs on the EP and are created and modified by Chloé.  ​

The idea is to give the public present another point of view of the songs, an more experimental point of view. 

With an export of the multi-tracks of each song, she selected certain instruments that were not necessarily highlighted in the songs and modified them to give them another meaning and another role._cc781905-5cde-3194- bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

For example, for the installation of “Baiser Brûlant”, she selected one of the guitars and an extract from the bass line, then she added effects on it and the sound of waves and birds to accompany the installation. The sounds come out in two woofers placed on the ground under a parasol and shells are placed inside the woofers which vibrate and move thanks to the vibrations of the sounds. 

For ”Insomnia”, the whistles of the song are placed as the protagonist of the installation. Disco balls representing insomnia and partying are placed on the ground. In a woofer of the installation, mini disco balls move to the rhythm of sound vibrations.


In “Soleil Immense” the bass and the electric guitar have been sampled and modified a lot and all the noise sounds of the song are played in the woofers. An electric bass plays by itself thanks to a glass that spins on a record player and strikes the strings of the bass. 


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